Canadian distance running 2012 Olympians: a list

Here are the standards and qualification procedures (french doc) followed by a list. If no one has a standard in the event, I’ll list the top performance of the year based on AC listings. You can also see a comparison of IAAF and AC standards at Athletics Illustrated here.

For most events you need an A+ between April 1 and June 30, or an A and a B in that period. A standards from last year also apply (Thanks Alex,mfor pointing that out). Rising star is a B plus top three at trials plus relevant age-graded D carding standard.

Men (A+ 1:46.24, A 1:45.60, B 1:46.30)
A Standard 2011: Andrew Ellerton 1:45.04
Leader 2012: Richard West 1:46.65
Women (A+ 1:59.90, A 1:59.90, B 2:01.30)
B Standard 2012 Melissa Bishop 2:00.76

Men (A+ 3:35.50, A 3:35.50, B 3:38.00)
A+ standard Nathan Brennan 3:34.22
B standard: Taylor Milne 3:37.17 and 3:37.93
Women (A+ 4:05.7, A 4:06.00, B 4:08.90)
B standard 2012: Hilary Stellingwerf 4:07.64 and 4:08.76
Malindi Elmore 4:07.90

3000m steeple
Men (A+ 8:18.85, A 8:23.10, B 8:32.00)
A standard 2011: Alex Genest 8:19.33
B standard 2012: Genest 8:27.41, 8:26.65 (needs top three at trials to qualify)
Matt Hughes 8:31.77
Chris Winter 8:31.25
Women (A+ 9:41.70, A 9:43.00, B 9:48.00)
Leader: Chantelle Groenewood 9:54.70

Men (A+ 13:19.62, A 13:20.00, B 13:27.00)
A+ Standard: Cam Levins 13:18.47
Women (A+ 14:56.94, A 15:20.00, B 15:30.00)
B Standard: Sheila Reid 15:23.64
B Standard: Megan Wright 15:21.75

10000m (one A between June 22, 2011 and June 30 2012 is all that is required)
Men (A+ 27:45.00, A 27:45.00, B 28:10.00)
A+ standard Cam Levins 27:27.96
A+ standard Mo Ahmed 27:34.64
B standard Simon Bairu 27:58.05
Women (A+ 31:20.95, A 31:45, B 32:10.00)
Leader: Leslie Sexton 34:42.12

Marathon (one A between September 1, 2010 and April 22, 2012)
Men (2:11:29)
A standard: Dylan Wykes 2:10:47
A standard: Reid Coolsaet 2:10:55
A standard: Eric Gills 2:11:27
Women (2:29:55)
Leader: Lanni Marchant 2:31:50
Krista Duchene 2:32:06

I’ve listed both women in the marathon because they both broke the IAAf standard of 2:37:00. They are appealing the decision to leave them off the team, and hope they can convince the COC and AC of the value of taking them to London. You can read my thoughts on what legal approach might work here.