It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness

I know lots of poeple are wondering what happen to me last tuesday, as I was taking part in stellar 5K in London, Ontario. I won’t lie the filed did scare the crap out of me ( Reed Coolseth, Kellee Wiebe, Rob Waston, Eric Gillis, Matt Loisell, Alan Brett, Dave Weston) WOW, what a field it was. The race started fast from the start with the leaders going through 2:44 for the firs k, my self only going in 2:47 with most of  the rest of the field. I manage to keep that pace for about 2400m, but the fast 13:55 pace got the best of me and was slowly killing me one lap at a time. With my head out of it and me slowing down every step I took, the only option in my head was to give up a 3200m.


Yes, I was disapointed in my race and not only that race but also the one I did the saturday just before a slow 1500m in 3:55, in horrible temperature cold and super windy. I died hard clocking a  68 in my last 400m after being on pace for 3:47. I was super bummed out of my racing season so far this spring. However, whit the help of some friends and coach, we talked about it and kinda figured out that I was not recovering well, lack of sleep and masages and continuing of doing hard workouts. Know I feel much better and stronger, i’m ready to attack a strong 1500m in Boston this saturday.  There is still lots of racing for me this season and the best is still to come. The fitness is there and will surely come out on paper soon.

I’m excited today, since the rain as finally stopped and it is supossed to be sunny all week. This is good news since runnign lately in this crappy april weather in mai as been horrible. Also soccer season as officilay started and this means reffing, so getting yeld at, pissing off players and yellow and red cards, this alway  fun time. Tonigth I will be reffing two games.  I don’t remember if I said it last time, but I have officialy graduated university so this is also exciting, I must now depate if i’m going to the graduation ceromony or reffing a game… Life is so hard sometimes.