Changing Gears

If you didn’t hear that I’m in great shape, listen up.

I’m excited, on March 27th I’m going to be opening up my summer season with a fitness test on a 10k road race, in Lasalle. After being off the track for about two weeks, I’ve been working mainly on the roads, and I’m really pumped about my fitness, and the fact that I’ve been keeping myself relatively healthy. John and I are starting to string together seasons-its a good sign. I don’t really have any predictions for time, only that I’d like to run fast, faster than my current PB, which is 32:15 (xc). I haven’t raced a road 10k since last year’s Ottawa Race Weekend 10k (disaster), which is almost sold out this year…I originally started out with cross and road racing years ago, and I really miss the road aspect of racing, so like I said, I’M PUMPED.

So, I’m excited to be doing something a little different. Longer intervals are nice for a change, 10k pace still feels tough though, so it’s not a walk in the park or anything. Also, this week I’m not getting a day off. Which I’ve never really done before. Next saturday, the day before my race, is my next day off. I’m interested to see how my body will react. Usually my training although heavy, incorporates a day off everyweek, either friday or saturday, depending on my race schedule. So, by next saturday, I will have been running for 15 days straight! This is because the type of training I’m on right now is counted up cumulatively, so I have a goal at the end of the week, and throughout the week I get the ‘hay in the barn’ and add it all up as I go. Kind of like mileage goals, except its in minutes. This week I didn’t plan it out well, so I had to run on my day off, I took it easy, we will see.

To follow through with the theme of this blog, I want to talk about one of my real weaknesses in running, ‘changing gears’. We’ve changed seasons, and so I’m running slightly longer, something you could say I’m more comfortable with. On the track, I can stick out like a sore thumb at the end of a race, sometimes I just can’t change gears. Now that I’m out on the roads, I’m a little scared that that weakness is going to follow me. Nothing is worse (actually, some things are) then getting outkicked at the line. I’m learning slowly, but I know I have to work on it, and I think my kick is coming around, so watch out if you think you can hang on!

As for summer track, and what I’m planning, that will be for another post, and something to think about after my opener on the roads.

Every day is a good day to run!