Activities, crockpots and crying

Hey kids.

Running is tough. Sometimes, its so tough that I feel like crying, sometimes I get so worked up and intimidated by how much I think it’s going to hurt, I feel like vomiting.

I’ve been feeling like that alot lately, and its making everything hard to do. I’m even having a hard time washing my dishes. I’m afraid the hot water is going to be so hot that it…kidding, I’m just being lazy with the dishes.

I moved into my new place last week, well, I’ve almost finished moving, I’m just being lazy about bringing the rest of my stuff over, there isn’t much left in my old place, just a crock pot, and a coffee maker…and a chair. How about those crock pots?

Crock pots kick ass if you’ve never used one, you can get up in the morning, throw some carrots, potatoes and a steak in that sucker, maybe some orange juice and wine, fire it up…and leave it. All day. Then, when you get home, all kinds of things have happened. First your apartment smells like steak, always a good smell. Second, you don’t have any cooking to do after a long day, by default all days are long. And third you got steak to eat, which is never a downer. I gotta get my crock pot back.

Fun fact: I put my bed over my shower in my new apartment. Its a sweet set up, but really hard to imagine if you haven’t seen it…haha. Now I have way more space to do activities! Now I can stretch, and wrestle, and build other things, without having to move anything around. Rad. The only down side is that the bed is almost 8feet in the air, so I have to climb up there each night, and climb down each morning. Last night I was having an awesome sleep, but then jumped up fast for some reason, and banged my head on the ceiling, it fuckin hurt, oh man. Getting beaned in the middle of the night by a metal light socket is not a fun thing to do. Luckily, I was sleepy and didn’t feel any pain before falling back asleep. I think I’m going to install a fireman’s pole beside the bed so I can just slip down each morning. And maybe hang a red helmet by the bed. Authentic ya.

Its been great, I love talking when ya’ll listen.