Afternoon Blog Break

The last 2 weeks have been lots of training, lots of getting work done, a little (failed, again) laser action. Everything has been fairly consistent and luckily I’ve been getting away from getting too caught up in stressful stuff that distracts me from getting it done. The most exciting bit from the last two weeks though was probably the LaSalle Road race.

Though I’m not down to my final summer goal in the 10k by far I had both a PB that I’m fairly pleased with and a good racing experience. In the staying focused realm this was probably my second best road race. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve had trouble getting into race mode for road races. Nicely enough second best focused realm correlated quite well with time in both this second best and the best road race case. Once when I had been in Maine for most of the summer doing research, I ran a Fourth of July 3k. Little did they know that their sweet and sweaty winner that they were interviewing for the Bangor Daily News was actually a Canadian! I limped around in flip flops during the parade but had just run a 10:18 for 3k, 4 seconds off the new pb I’d set in indoor that winter. Come to think of it I was also wearing brand new road comps at the time, which happen to be the shoes I’ve been racing and training in ever since, and wore for only the second time in a road race on Sunday. Hum…

Anyway, a bit of a race recap, I had planned to stay with Liz for as long as I could and not get distracted by bad thoughts if I didn’t. To keep myself from getting overwhelmed, I decided that I really needed to stay with her until 7k, and if something started falling apart after that, it was ok. Liz and I ran together, Liz in the lead for 3k, I switched to the lead for about 2k and she took over again after that. I stayed close to he after that. When she was getting to have a few people between her and I, I was keeping an eye on her shoes. I just focused on finding purple tops, bright yellow bottoms. Purple tops, bright bottoms. Keep running, 7k means you’re in your 3k, 8k, this part of the course is easy.

I went through the first 2k in 7:33, which was a big boost as I looked at my watch for 1k at the wrong marker for the 5k. I was pretty sure the marker looked funny, but seeing the 4:16 on my watch was quite disheartening either way. I got through 4k in 15:20, and race pretty much even 4 minute k’s for the next 4 kilometers. When I got to 8k, the place I had decided that I needed to change focus on as there the race was really changing I needed 17 second under 4 minute pace to get under 39 minutes. Goal 1 was finally break 40 for God SAKE but the real goal was to go under 39 minutes.

I was starting to hurt at 8k but things were still going well, I was believing the positive self talk that I was almost done and I was trying my best to push. At about 8.5 my right shoe came untied and I was just trying to keep running hard and not think about falling on my face. It was going ok and Liz was still a bit ahead of me and thankfully Monette and Dom came up to us with maybe 600 to go and latched on. Dom stayed by Liz and Monette with me and kept me really focused just getting to the line. And distracted from my bad thoughts about my shoe. It was sweet. I made up 9 seconds but ended in 39:08 on my watch, not quite there but good either way. Finally under 40! Woo!

Side note, am I bad at math or if I have 39:08 on my watch and I started behind the line how could my official time be 39:13? Seems strange to me, but 5 seconds at this point in the season isn’t a big deal.

I made another addition to my training by finally adding weights back in this week. I decided to hold off on the weights until I felt a little more stabilized and consistent with the actual running training and John and I thought it would also be good to wait until after the race to start back up again. Day 2 was today, I’m pretty sore but we’ll see how things go in 2 weeks time. The second day of the Dec-Jan weight plan has that super weird exercise to finish, I have no idea how to describe the stick the squat bar in a little tube and move it over your head with your arms straight move or what it does but my shoulders do seem a little stiffer than usual, which is probably from that one. I tried to ask my bf about it, who is fairly knowledgeable about weights and he looked at me like a crazy person. Probably didn’t do the description quite as much justice as I did right there so I’m sure you can see why. Its the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, anyway, enough on that.

Happy long hills in the morning 🙂