Bloglette 10,000m re-cap

It is now two days after my third place finish in the 10,000m at the Canadian Track and Field Championships. I got what I was hoping for, a medal and a white hat. It wasn’t easy. I suffered through the greater part of that race. Running 10,000m on the track during a windy evening at altitude is not an enjoyable experience. Entries to the 10,000m speak volumes about the conditions.

The race started out calmly enough. Adam took the lead and Mo and I tucked in right behind him, content to be out of the wind. But then around two and half miles Mo took the lead, and Adam tried to go with him. I made the decision to hang back, because I felt that putting any more effort to hang on then would have me paying dearly later on in the race (turns out there was no escape). Making the decision to hang back, put me immediately in no man’s land around 3miles hitting a wall of wind every back stretch, and dealing with the scary ‘oh my god I’m only half way’ voice in my head.

After 5k I battled with myself, trying to run snappy and sharp, trying to shake off the effort it was taking me to get through the wind, and roll relaxed down the home stretch. But the altitude was making it tough to stay relaxed and/or run any faster then I was going. My heart was racing, and perceived effort was through he roof so that made it difficult to go any faster. With about two miles to go Tume latched on to Mo on his way around lapping everyone. When the two of them wizzed by me I was shocked, and couldnt respond to Tume passing me so quickly.

All I could really focus on, was one crawling lap at a time, and to finish.

I finished, alive, and found out that Tume wasn’t Canadian, so I was in fact third. I got my medal, and white hat along with Adam and Mo.

On my cool-down I got the giggles. This was an accumulation of a lot of things this year. Its been an up and down season for me, so it was great for it to begin to close on such a high note. On my way back to the stands I saw Mo cooling down around the track, so I joined him for a couple laps. It’s exciting to see Canadians heading to the Olympics in the distances, we’ve actually got a team going, I wish him good health and a strong finish.

Tonight is the Men’s 5000m final. I think I’m the only guy doubling in another event. But, I’m also the only guy whose been out there on the track, who knows what its like in Calgary, so I hope it plays in my favour.


Here goes.