Brenna’s Blog<– Tres aliterative!!

So, a little recap on the last little while is that though I love indoor my season got cut a little short because I got a huge blister in Boston at the Valentine’s invite. I ran a race that I was happy with for the training I’d been doing and I was excited to get back to within range of what I’d run while I was competing in University. I’ve been up and down with motivation and frustration for the past few weeks while trying to figure out a balance between feeling the need to run or cross train to stay in shape and listening to my body. This week I’ve scaled the running back in and though I had a frustrating start on Tuesday (running laser failure on Monday, I don’t want to talk about it) the last 2 days really solidified for me one of the reasons I love running, pushing harder, and becoming tougher to compete.

Yesterday we did a workout up in a cleared, quiet plowed neighbourhood, one of my favorite places to run in the winter. I had had a ruff day and wasn’t really feeling confident about my fitness. I’d taken a few days off last week and am usually freaked out about this. I was kind of uptight for the first half of the workout but once I relaxed a little I started really enjoying myself. Dark road and quiet environment just let me zone out and just think about working right then, cleared my head of everything else. By the time I was cooling down-blister felt quite unhappy at this point but I didn’t care- I just said ‘I love running’ in what was probably a really insincere sounding tired voice, but that’s all I had. I liked it, that was it.

Here’s a little recap of today’s weather in case you are not in Montreal,  foot of snow + pouring rain, all day. With this and the under-plowed sidewalks I was not too excited to go for my run. And I was in a bad mood and mad at everyone. After I got lost in Westmount out by a bunch of school buses for a while I felt amazingly better. There is just something about getting out there and putting in the day-to-day work that is extra satisfying some days. A few of us were talking on the run yesterday about how nice of a stress reliever running is. Its something more than that too though. Quoting Jesse Owens ‘… loved running, it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power’. This was extra important for me today for some reason. Its more than just a stress thing I think, though its hard to put your finger on what else it adds to. So, all in all, I’m getting ready and motivated for outdoor. I know the snow will melt soon and I’ll get to explore and find some trails. Staying motivated through the winter is much easier when you get the almost runly reminders of why you love it.

Sorry for the sappy 🙂