Coach Blog: Fall Training November 24-30

This was a second fairly big week, though we took the volume down a bit.
Monday: Progression run. 12min-8min-6min-4min. Start at marathon pace, to steady, tempo, end with 10k effort. Continuous. 4x200m on the track, then core. This went over very well. That last 4min was a barnburner and it really showed who had done the work and who had been floating through a bit. 
Wednesday: meet at Molson at 5:30. Hill circuit+tempo. We used a short road next to Molson Stadium for the circuit. It was: exercise, sprint up, exercise, jog down. There were sets of 4 sprints, (8 exercises, about 5min total) then they went off and ran 8min of tempo on the mountain (gravel road).
Saturday: Those not racing do a long run (90-120min) with pick-ups of 5-4-3-2-1min. Those racing 30-45min with 3min at cruise, 4x30sec 3k race effort full recovery.
Sunday: Martlet Classic meet. We had a few racers, doing a bit of a fitness test at the end of the fall season. Here are the results:
Women’s 1000m
Haines, Marie 92 McGill Olympic 3:20.86 (last January 3:20.97)Men’s 1000m
Labelle, Mateo McGill Olympic 2:55.90
Bassel, Olivier 00 McGill Olympic 3:02.58Men’s 1500m
Landsberger, Les 58 McGill Olympic 5:01.53 PB (last year 5:06)
Bassel, Henry 98 McGill Olympic 5:09.31 PB

Women’s 3000m
Roberts, Madeline 95 McGill Olympic 11:07.89 (last year 2-mile 12:10 eq 11:19 3k)
Walsh, Brenna 87 McGill Olympic 11:09.25
Besso, Annyck 90 McGill Olympic 11:45.09
Berry, Erin 91 McGill Olympic 11:50.67
McGreer, Katie 86 McGill Olympic 11:52.97

Men’s 3000m
Alsabbagh, Mohamad 90 McGill Olympic 9:19.50
Salsbury, Ryan 83 McGill Olympic 9:20.04
Liu, Liu (Dave) 88 McGill Olympic 9:21.53 PB (last year 9:40)
Ennaboaui, Nassim 96 McGill Olympic 9:26.90 PB (last year 9:35)
Shiri, Adam 93 McGill Olympic 9:38.04 PB (last year 10:16)
Kazi, Mahbubuzzaman 91 McGill Olympic 9:38.19 PB (last year 9:52)
Tomiuk, Marcus 86 N-D-De-Grâce 9:49.48
Shaner, Sterling 94 McGill Olympic 9:53.44 (last year 4:41 1500m eq 10:00 3k)
Martin, Michael 85 McGill Olympic 10:13.85
Franchini, Anthony 75 McGill Olympic 10:17.03 PB (last year 10:37)
Ramos, Ryan 95 McGill Olympic 10:28.38