Coach Blog: June 2015

We ended May on a high note competitively, with some solid results on the roads in Ottawa. June is another month of competition for most, so you’ll see the workouts really start to change now, leaning heavily towards race-specific work.

May 25-31. Those who raced on the weekend had Monday off and did a lighter workout on Wednesday.
Monday: 20min warm up, with 10min tempo included (10min jog, 10min tempo)
4×400 at 1500m pace at the track, 2min rec
10min tempo on track
4×400 at 1500m pace, 2min rec

Wednesday: 15min warm up then 4-6x1k at 5k GP, 90sec rec. 2-3x200m long strides after. Mid-d group did 2x3x300 with 2min rec, 5min rec between sets. First set at 1000m pace, second set at 800m pace.

Saturday: Long run 90min-2h with the last 30min as a pick-up to marathon/steady state pace.

June 1-8 down week for racing.
Monday: 3-4×600-400 at 5k pace-1500 pace with 30sec/3min rec. Short distance group runs the 400, then short rest 200 800 pace, long rest as 4×400-200.

Wednesday: 4×150 build-fast-relax then foxy frog 3×2-2-2.

Saturday: 5000m race.
This race went very well for most. François Jarry had his coming out party winning the very competitive men’s 5000m in 14:23, a PB of 44 seconds. The photo is of his finish. Here are the full results:

Jarry 14:23.51 PB
Ben F 15:16 PB
Chris F 15:40 PB
Mohamad 16:04
Kazi 16:05
Nassim 16:24
Mel 16:52 PB
Jullien 16:55
Chantal 17:50 PB

Val 4:54

June 9-15
Monday: 10-7-5-3 at steady-tempo-10k-5k, 1min rest

Wednesday: Pure Speed (150s, 200s, 300s) or Friday fartleks. The speed was a couple 100ms, a couple 200ms.

Friday/Saturday: fartlek 2k alternating 10k/10k+10-12sec/lap, 1600 alternating 400 5k/200 5k+10-12sec/lap, 1200-1600 alternating 200 1500 pace/200 1500 pace +10sec/200. 3-4min recovery between each. The mid-d runners did: 6x400m as 300m at 1500m pace+100m kick, 3min rec.

June 16-22
Monday: Tempo 20-30min as 2-3x10min

800/1500m Group: 4 x 400m at 3 sec faster than 800m goal pace; 5 min rest
5k/10k Group: 5-6x1k at 5k goal pace, 90sec rest

We repeated the 5k goal pace workout because the last time we did it, people went out too hard and suffered. This time we wanted to make sure they started at the right pace. It went well.

Friday: 3 x 300-200-100 @1500m, 1000m and 800m goal pace with 2 min rest between reps and 3 min between sets for the mid-d group.

Saturday: easy long run

June 23-30 Another race week so a few different options for people
Racing 5000m on Wednesday and those returning from break: 2x6min as 2min cruise, 2min 10k, 2min 5k, 2min rec, then 2x200m at 1500m pace, 200m jog
Racing 800m on Wednesday: 150m fast, 2×150 at race pace, 150m fast. Full recovery.
Not racing short group: 3×200-200-400 200s at 600m pace, 400 at 800m pace, 2min rec, 4min between sets
Not racing longer group: 3×400-400-800 400s at 1500m pace, 800 at 3k pace with 2min rec, 4min between sets.
Marathoners: 15-20x400m at 5k-8k pace, 100m recovery (can do it in sets of 5 with 400 jog between sets)

Racing 5000m or 800m in Ottawa
Not racing:
Long: 3-4x6min as 2min cruise, 2min 10k, 2min 5k, 2min rec, then 2x200m at 1500m pace, 200m jog
Short: 150m fast, 2×150 at race pace, 150m fast. Full recovery.
Returning from break: easy run or 25min tempo

Long run+25min tempo (or easy if tempo on Wednesday)

Results from the Ottawa meet:
Marie 2:30.19
Markus 2:06.16
Chris 1:57.04
Christina 1:08.69 (and 15.03 for 100m!)

Steve 15:40.83
Mo 16:02.75
Gabe 16:30.56
Nassim 16:53
Chantal 17:59.99

This race was more of a training stimulus, get some racing experience than one where we were looking for big PBs so it worked out just fine.

There are lots of workouts to look at here, and as you can see, the workouts really depend on what people’s goals are. This is very much a function of it being mid-race season. If you look back at previous blogs you’ll see in the winter everyone was doing pretty much the same stuff. That’s because what you need to get ready to run fast at any distance from 800 to the marathon is pretty much the same thing. To ramp up the speed for the 800/1500 doesn’t actually take that long if you have a nice base, so there’s no “danger” of losing speed (as long as you do strides). The hard intervals required for 5000/10000 are actually less vital than the big volume and tempo phase that comes before. I think the main purpose of these (the 4-6x1k at 5k GP) is more for confidence and for movement patterning. That’s why we build up to it from 25×200, 13×400, etc.