Coach Blog: May 2015

In May we went back to only two workouts a week, down from what I’d say is 2.5 (a long run with some stuff in it being the .5). There were a few more key races here as well.

April 27-May 3: Big tempo, 10k goal pace, easy long
May 4-10: short progression, light intervals, easy long (race)
May 11-17: Fartlek, 5k goal pace, easy long
May 18-24: tempo/core/hills, interval pyramid, fast finish long run. (race)

The “big tempo” was 25-15-10min of tempo. We really spent a lot of time running “comfortably fast” that day, to “callous the mind” for the longer distances. There was a 10k road race on the 9th/10th weekend as well as the 10000m national championship. The big bump in week 1 gave way to a very light week in week 2 to allow for some good racing here. It’s kind of strange for the national 10000m championship to be this early in the year, but we follow the schedule as needed.

It was a pretty successful national championships for us as we had 1st, 3rd and 4th on the women’s side (Laura Batterink (33:58) out of Chicago, then Jullien (35:30) and Mel (36:10) from home). Nassim was 2nd as a junior but there were only two guys and he didn’t run great. That said it was his first attempt at 10000m so lessons were learned and he’s a smart, tough kid so he will figure out what needs to be done. It would have been interesting to see what Jarry could do in that top field, but he had to stay home for work reasons. So did Ryan.

Those two raced in Victoriaville for the provincial 10k road championships and finished 3rd (Jarry 32:09) and 5th (Ryan 32:50) respectively. Not a great race for Ryan, but he was just emerging from a winter of discontent up north and was still ramping up. The course in Victoriaville was pretty hilly, too, so the times are what they are. Jarry’s was still a PB for him.

Another week of training then another easy week before the Ottawa Race Weekend. A fairly large group had this weekend as their spring goal race. These are the results:

Ottawa 10k
Max Leboeuf 31:29 9th Canadian (15:33/15:57)
Ryan Noel-Hodge 31:32 10th Canadian (15:54/15:38)
Francois Jarry 32:05 PB (16:13/15:52)
Jacques-Sylvain Lecointre 32:07 (15:58/16:09)
Olivier Babineau 33:21 (16:35/16:47)

Laura Batterink 33:33 PB 3rd Canadian 9th overall woman (16:43/16:51)

Alex Néron 34:21 PB (17:14/17:08)
Ryan Salsbury 36:09 (17:43/18:28)
Paolo Roy 37:38 (17:55/19:44)
Gabrielle Vaillencourt 39:40 (19:56/19:45)
Mandy Douglass 42:40 (20:45/21:57)

Ottawa 1/2 Marathon
Steve McElligott 1:12
Liz Mokrusa 1:27:13
Audrey-Anne Henri 1:28:49
Annyck Besso 1:30:14 PB
John Lofranco 1:31
Steph Vairy 1:37 PB
Andre Funke 1:38
Lauren Gingras 1:41:02 PB
Brenna Walsh 1:43
Julia Sovetts 1:56 PB
Mel Linton 2:02:22

7 PBs in all. Ryan bounced back or rather continued to progress back to his old self. We set a goal of top 10 Canadian as being a “good day” and he hit that. The peformance of the weekend was certainly Laura’s 3rd place finish, beating ALL the Canadian women who don’t hold Canadian records (Wodak holds the 10k and Marchant holds the marathon). This despite a tough winter where she had to spend a couple of months in the pool due to injury. She doesn’t quite follow the exact workouts explained here. Neither does Ryan, actually, and to be honest, the reality of these workouts doesn’t always match the plan. Some people do less, there are some alternate workouts for different situations…talking about training is a vague exercise. The workout for one person may differ from the workout for another. So just keep that caveat in mind when reading about any training program.

Other results:
Chateauguay Road Race
Anthony 39:55
Annyck 41:45 (19:30 5k PB en route)
Brenna 46:43

Tri-O-Lacs 10k
Anthony Franchini 41:32