Coach Blog: More PBs!!! (training March 16-30)

The weather has finally turned for real. The last couple weeks faked us out a bit, as we tried to go outside for some pretty tough tempos, and the last cold winds of winter were there to cut us up. We also had some fun with it, getting out the sleds and doing some skeleton on Mont Royal. Still, at the end of it all, 12 PBs at the Lasalle Road Race, and 6 guys in the top ten, and two overall 2nd place finishes (Jarry in the men’s 10k and Val in the women’s 5k) showed that the training is working.

Here’s the training:
March 16-22
Monday: Winter wonderland hill sprints. Split into 3 teams of 7, we took the sled down the hill and sprinted back up, 3x each team member. It’s harder than it sounds because when you have the added element of competition, which encourages a little roller derby, there is no holding back on those uphills. A real lung buster!

Wednesday: 1h test. This was hard. We ran as fast as you can go for 1h, so that worked out to about 14 to 16k for most. Cruise pace. The idea here was to show the runners what pace cruise supposed to be, as they often go too fast in practices where we run at this faster aerobic pace. Some who were just not ready for 60min of hard effort did 30, and that was good, too.

Saturday: Long run with 30min steady state as 6×4:30 steady+30sec at 3k effort continuous. Pretty standard aerobic fartlek/surge session.

March 23-30
Monday: 2-6x10min at tempo, 2min jog rec. The group doing Ottawa half-marathon did 6x10min at goal half-marathon pace. The rest did between 2 and 4 at normal tempo effort. Another workout with quite a bit of volume, but this time broken up and actually a little slower, if done by the book. This workout hurt some folks. It’s hard to cut your workout short when everyone else is rolling, even if you are not feeling great. The non-half-marathon crew did less, but some Jarry up to 5x. Didn’t seem to hurt his 10k 6 days later…

Wednesday: 3-4x1k at 8k pace, 1min rest, 400m at 1500m pace. 3min between sets. It had been a while since we were on the track running at a prescribed pace. This was a solid workout, but not so tough as to burn the crew for the weekend.

Saturday: easy long run on your own for those not racing Lasalle. Those racing off or short, easy.
Sunday: Lasalle Road Race 5k or 10k. Very positive results for the most part. We are now at 50 PBs for the year, halfway to our goal of 100. It is only April, but we are realistically about half-way through the racing year, as the opportunities for PBs will lessen in August and through the fall. Last year we managed 60 PBs April to August, and 25 September to December. I think we will hit our goal!

So many good races, so hard to single any one out, but it is nice to see Liz back and moving in the right direction. She was not as far gone as she thought. Also great to see Stephanie’s Tuesday/Thursday group holding it down in the PB department with 5 of their own, plus Henry’s 5k debut (not technically a PB) and possibly another with Mel L.

With only a couple exceptions, there are not too many races in April, so that will give us time to train and consolidate these gains before we switch into more specific work in May, June, July (depending on the group).

Jarry 32:05 PB second overall
Steve 33:14
Dan K 33:18 PB
Kazi 33:22 PB
Dave Liu 33:33 PB
JD 33:45 PB
Shawn 34:47
Sterling 37:33
Mike 38:57
Liz 39:35
Dan W 40:23
Annyck 40:35 PB
Brenna 42:06

Anthony 17:58 PB
Val 18:25 2nd
Les 19:44
Henry 19:53
Andre 21:29
Jonathan 21:46 PB
Elisa 22:03 PB
Julia 22:41 PB
Eva 22:51 PB
Misia 23:55
Mel L 24:38 PB

Oliver 6:45 PB