Coach Blog: Training January 19-25

This week was a recovery week for the club, but not for me (more on that later!).

We started out Monday with a short 25min tempo. Basic. Nothing crazy.

On the track on Wednesday, we worked on turnover. So it was fast, but fairly short so that the quality was kept high. 2 sets of 10x100m fast, 100m jogging. Coaching a workout like this, I’m not looking at times, just watching how they look: are they really sprinting? Good arms? Quick turnover? Once someone starts to look like he or she was fighting it, they were told to stop. We did do 10min of tempo in the warm up as well as the cruise test.

Saturday just an easy long run. Volume was lower overall this week, and we were only at about 40min of quality.

We also had a few university runners performing for their schools at the McGill Team Challenge. I always like to point out when our scholastic connections do well because I think it great to be able to work with good university and college coaches. Here are the results:

Mel 10:06.84
Jarry 8:42.07 PB
Dan 8:57.02 PB
Kazi 9:35.57 PB

Steph, Mel and Val ran, not sure of splits. Mel said 2:30 for her…

Val 1:42.24 (PB 1:42.43 last year)
Steph 1:53.52 (PB by .10 from before Christmas!)

Mel 4:45.79
Val 4:59.02
Jarry 4:06.78
Dan 4:17.34 (PB from 4:21.91)
Mohamad DQ for stepping on the inside line.

6 more PBs to add to our quest for 100 on the year!

As I mentioned, it was a recovery week for the club, but not for me. Most of my weeks are recovery weeks, in the sense I don’t run very much these days. But last week (January to 12-18), mostly because we spent some time in Toronto, I manage to log about 450min! And workouts, too: I did some 400s and 800s on the indoor track at Monarch Park in Toronto with the Black Lungs, my Toronto club. They are basically a bunch of runners who train for real, and are pretty fast. You need to be able to run a sub-3hr marathon to join.

Anyway, this week, I followed it up with another 400min, so perhaps the tide is turning…