Dealin with the ‘Breakdown’


Race recap from western, which was about a week and a half ago-

It was 10kilometers long, I rocked it.

The rest of the season now is just to prepare and zero in on CIS championships. I’ve had trouble with this in the past, be it revving myself up too much for an early season race, or bombing at the end of the season, this year my entire focus is going into that last race. With that said, I’m having a lot of difficulty following through. It’s harder than it sounds. I had a good race in western but then wondered if that was the best I was capable of, or if I was in fact holding back (I hope for the latter).

Since then I’ve had a couple good workouts, and a couple bad ones. I’ve been fighting a cold since Friday. I thought it would be one of those two day things where it doesn’t get that bad or lingers around, but it’s starting to affect my training a bit and that’s bothering me. This morning I woke up and my whole body ached, and I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m tired all day and find it difficult to focus and get school work done (which is really starting to stress me out) then I roll around in bed all night never really resting.

Doubt is creeping into my head.

But then I get to thinking about what I’ve accomplished thus far. So, a little about me for those that have no idea;

This is my third year competing in XC with Concordia University. I had been training with John and the group for a year as a Junior representing Dawson college, which I suppose would count as my first year of serious running. So, it’s been 4 years.  This year I broke most of my pbs, the new ones-: 3:58, 8:29, 14:46, and I’m looking to do damage on my 10k pb of 32:15(XC) . It’s been a lot of work, but relatively speaking I remind myself that I’m still new to the game.

I remember when I was goofing around racing road races now and then before I met John. I signed up and arrived late to a 10k road race somewhere close to Montreal. At the start without any warm up this older guy asked me if I was running 40min pace:

“Hey kid, what are you running, 40?”

“I dunno, we’ll see I guess.”

“Well I’m running 40, try to keep up!”


He beat me.

 I ran a smudge over 41 min. But I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

It’s not a fairy tale though. Today my whole body hurt, my warm up jog seemed to take a lot out of me, I was dreading it all day. My 800m cruise test was 15s or so off, a bad indicator, and I got short of breath doing exercises.  My back ached, my knee cap was giving me sharp little twinges every now and then, and my left IT band all the way up to my glute felt tight. I shrugged it all off and told myself to just see what happens:

“Let’s see what happens.”

First 200m of 400m repeat.

“I hope it’s 35s.”



I ended up running the entire workout on pace despite feeling like crap. I still feel like crap, but I’m happy I got it in. The workout was 20x400m at about 5k pace done in sets of 5. I think knowing that I had done the same workout without sets earlier in the summer at the same pace helped me a lot, but I’m still surprised I got through it without hitting too much of a wall.

Anyway, I’m fit, but I’m beaten down a bit, so I get to rest.

Also, a song that has been added to my playlist: Hollar if you need me Love!

Later Ya’ll.