Eureka! A Debut

Let me tell you all about what has been going down.

I recently found out that I broke a bone in my foot, mostly likely from back in the fall when I stubbed it on a rock that did not move, hurtling down a steep slope being pulled along by a Husky named Storm. Storm was strong as hell and tugged on the harness that attached us together while I was in the air. It’s a miracle I didn’t die right then and there. I could have ran head first into a tree, or broken my neck or something. But none of that happened. I stubbed my toe and bruised my ego. I’m pretty sure I remember being dragged for a meter or two before I came out of being stunned from the fall and telling storm to stop. What a ride.

I regret nothing, it was alot of fun. If anyone remembers, I ran my entire season, with a few bumps here and there but got through. I’m not sure if I should be mad at myself for doing it, or impressed with myself. The toe hurt, but I didn’t pay it the attention I now know its due. Now I know what I’m dealing with. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer children. The pain in my foot and I have a tight and intimate relationship. We quarrel in the mornings, sometimes its tough to get out of bed and make breakfast. But once I limber up I’m the one wearing the pants. Not my toe, not my toe.

Lately I’ve been doing the best I can to train. If it hurts too much I go to the pool, but I make sure I get my stretches in. The pool can be nasty to other parts of my legs. The doc gave me a little insert to take pressure off of the part of the foot with the broken bone. But that in turn has made other parts of my foot quite sore, especially one of my little toes. Poor lil guy feels pretty bruised. I’ve been able to keep it together though for a couple workouts.

I banged out a successful 3x(4min cruise x 4min 10k x 4min cruise) 4min rest. It was actually supposed to be 4, but I was shooting for 2 sighting the foot, so that came out good, and today I ran 8x600m at goal 5k pace. Solid.

Injuries are tough to get through. The trick is just to think of it as a blip, and find ways around them, to keep on the path. Keeping your eyes on the prize. That’s what makes the difference in this sport. I’m only writing it to remind myself. I forget.

This weekend I’m heading down to Boston for my first ever 10,000m on the track. Looking forward to running 25 laps. I think my foot will hold up, I’ve been giving it alot of attention lately, got my fingers crossed.

Yesterday I drove out here to my parent’s place, in the country. I love my home-home. I always like the drive out too. I hop in the car in the city where everything is noise, with a constant hum and buildings everywhere. Then I spend a little over an hour flipping through radio stations listening to some good tunes. Then, when I get home, happy dogs are waiting for me, its quiet outside, like real quiet, hearing the wind quiet, and my parents feed me to the gills. I spent most of today splitting and piling wood. Honest work. Work I’m not used to, work that gives me a sense of satisfaction. Its the type of work where you can see progress. I witnessed the big pile of unsplit wood turn into rows of neatly stacked split wood. Amazing. Those are the things in life that I like, witnessing progress. Its also one of the things I like about running.

Progress is so easy to measure in running, and if you think of it with the right perspective, you can find it anywhere you look, really. The obvious place to look for is race times and PBs. Watching your PB drop in any distance is one of the most satisfying things to experience. You feel like a kung fu master. Well I do. Another place is looking  at the day to day. Everyday doing something that brings you a small step closer. Going on a nice enjoyable easy run. Doing an extra stride here or there. Taking the time to take care of yourself, with stretches, proper food, and proper sleep. Fighting through a workout that seemed tough a few months ago. I love going through these things, getting through tough times, and coming out stronger. I honestly can’t wait to get back to 100%, not just because I can’t train as much or as hard as I’d like, but also because, once I do, I know I’ll be fitter and faster than I’ve ever been.

Its all about keeping on the grind, and staying on the Train. Montreal Endurance all the way!

The Dragon

-signing out.