Inspiration all up in here.

You all inspire me.

This past summer track season has been fantastic, with a few new personal bests under my belt; I feel that I have accomplished what I wanted to this summer. The sense of self satisfaction is definitely present but like any other activity or project I apply myself to, I want more, and I want to do it better. My goals are getting bigger, and loftier, but in no way less unattainable. I’m on the cusp, the way I think about it is I always have to give that little bit extra to get what I want, but I’m never sure if I’m actually giving that little bit extra, so it’s never enough, and never too much.

This is probably also the first time I have some sort of emotional longing attached to this past season. Never have I had so much fun with a team, a group of people who have been with me through the thick and the thin of everything.  We basically had the same crew along for every single trip. Every day at practice I saw the same faces, and we did our best to extend the get togethers off the track too. Especially the dudes. Props to Didier, for coming to every single race, even though he was injured, not only participating as a spectator but saying the right words at the right time, effectively lighting fires under our collective ass. Props to Dan, for the enthusiasm that I’ve always wanted to see in a teammate, for such a quick transition into the group, and for keeping me on my toes, for showing me, and repeating to me, that we all have what it takes to be great, you just have to want it. Props to Brenna for being such a strong competitor even when running can literally knock her off her feet. Props to Coralina, provincial champ, for never giving up, or giving in. Even when I’m coming up fast on a totally different workout, she never let me pass her without a fight. Props to Kelly who works hard in everything she does, including off the track, pretty much solo’ed this season and blasted out an amazing solo 800m at provincials. And, props to John Lofranco, for being the coach I’m very fortunate to have, the mentor I look up to, and the friend I can confide in. I look back at it all now, and see how precious it all is, the season, the entire experience. This is the stuff I read about in books, this is the stuff I watch on flotrack, an entire team celebrating together, maybe because they won, but mostly because whatever they did, they did it together.

Props to Benjamin Raymond and Xavier Bertrand, Ben became Canadian junior champ in the 5000m this year and went on to compete in the 5000m at pan am juniors. He’s given me confidence and a good luck handshake I can’t get from anywhere else. This shit is possible. And props to Xavier, for being the youngest beastliest runner I know, for running for the win every time and for reminding me that this shit is serious.

You all inspire me.

I’ve almost cried several times. I think it’s because I’m tired. I’ve been working a new second job at a Greek restaurant, it’s called Ouzeri , and it’s awesome. This is definitely a runner friendly restaurant. As soon as you sit down, you get bread and an entrée of humus, marinated mushrooms, olives and meatballs. Meatballs. The team working at this place is great, so even though it can get busy, the environment is relaxed, and that’s what I need- a no stress environment. Love it. The only thing I’m getting antsy about is that the waiters always want to take me out for drinks after shifts. It’s a tough life, they tell me ‘you’re the busboy, you have to come, you don’t pay’. It’s a tough offer to turn down, especially after a long shift.

So, I’ve been having fun with my week off, and this week is low easy miles. August I start building, I’ve got nearly 500 miles planned for August, so I’m excited. It’s going to be my first serious build. Today, I think I’ll stop by the resto for a friendly hello on my way up to boutique endurance to check out some shoes, then go for an easy 80-85min on the mountain.

With the summer I’ve had behind me (it’s not over yet, I know) I’ve been feeling pretty damn good. There’s momentum in me, and in this group and I’m glad to be a part of it all. Lots of people are moving around at the end of the summer. That same momentum is going to carry them places, and embed itself in whatever they do, and I’m glad I got to contribute.

You All Inspire Me.