got my rant on but it looks like sneakers

I think I have to come to terms with the idea that what we are doing is amazing to us, but to a greater public it means nothing. And maybe it should be that way.

I’m not making any accusations, and it’s more to myself I’m saying this, but you have to be in this for yourself. You must adore running at its core and be in it for the pure grit of it. If you’re in it for other reasons you won’t sacrifice yourself enough. I’m most definitely not there yet. I love running no doubt, but it won’t be until I absorb myself completely and forget others exist that success can be possible. How can you dive into it whole-heartedly if you skimp on the running necessities because you need to be with the people you are trying to impress?

I’d kill to have people there early in the morning cheering me on and telling me how sexy I am when I’m getting in the run before work. Lord knows I assume everyone I run by is hiding their arousal and thinking, ‘what an awesome human being. God, I wish I could do him… er i mean that.’ When it’s likely to be more like, ‘you know I don’t mind Jimmy Fallon. He’s kind of funny in a not so funny way,’ because they couldn’t care less, and the Fal has a weird fanbase. Am I doing this because it makes me feel cool? Don’t know. Hope not! I fear sometimes I approach this superficially. Hell yes I want to be interviewed on flotrack. I want to be the damn poster-boy for track. And this annoys the crap out of me because those can’t be the right reasons!

This has been brewing inside of me, but got fully spat out after reading this article named ‘running a marathon does not make you Mother Teresa’. Marathon runner or no, this certainly applies to some of us as well. It essentially says, ‘we’re not cool because of running… handle it.’

I think this is why I get frustrated watching some runners, or people paying 200$ at boutique endurance for 2 articles of clothing (shorts and a singlet). Are they doing this just to get a ‘26.2’ sticker or just to show themselves off and run through down-town? Possibly, but am I any better? Am I just running to get some notoriety and get the equivalent ‘fast dude’ sticker? Maybe this is overlooked because I’m pretty aight. I honestly hope I’m doing this for pure passion, otherwise it feels wasted. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Have you seen this gem? This kind of speaks to what I’m going for here

Going into the middle of nowhere to get in your training. Dope. Focusing on yourself and putting in your miles and your time. Sweet. Living out ‘Once a runner’. Radical, my friend. Leaving your watch at home because you wanted to run free, but remembering to bring your camera to let the world know how in touch you are with yourself, and how you just needed space away from life to ‘dream’ again. A bit narcissistic and pretty annoying.

I think, to sum-up, being a runner doesn’t make us anything other than runners and able to be disciplined and persistent in that field. If it crosses over to other mediums, maybe you’re just a disciplined and persistent person who happens to be fast. Running selfishly seems to be the most pure way to do it. If you’re doing it to impress other people, that will get in the way of success. Upon reading that sentence again it sounds preachy and douchy, but so be it.

I try to keep this running this to myself because I know there’s a voice inside me screaming, ‘tell them you’re a runner and they’ll loooove you and want to get naked’. I want to shut that little voice up. I want to do this for me.