Last week I ran pretty close to 100 miles.

This past Wednesday I ran the quickest 400 repeats I’ve rolled since March.

Things are starting to come around.

I can’t recall If I’ve mentioned it in this blog or not, but I’ve been filling my time off work with building a cabin/tiny home. I’ve come to realize its a pretty big project. There’s a lot of learning going on, and I admit, trial and error. Lots of error. But it keeps my mind out of the shit. At home I have all the lumber I need, cedar for a porch, nice pine for the inside floors and walls. The goal is to winterize it and have my own space whenever I want to come home for stints. I can also always choose to rent it out during hunting seasons to make a little cash.

This is the concept that I’m basing my own building on:


It’s two floors, with a micro-kitchen/lounge on the first floor and a 2nd floor bedroom/loft.

Construction has its interruptions at home, with helping my Dad out, or helping my Grandparents with chores around their place, but it gives me time to go home, spend time with my family and get out of the city.

-Dragon Out