The Holidays!

Its the Holidays Folks!

This is going to my first ever shot at putting together a theme post. I’m excited.

Whatever your situation, the holidays are a good time. Xmas spirit is contagious, I mean c’mon, even my dogs at home know something is up. Christmas for me is getting to go home, and spend time with my family, see my parents, my grandparents, rest, spend time with my cousins, and talk openly about plans for the coming year.

Its a good time of the year.

Christmas day my Dad and I usually take a walk in the woods after opening all the presents, and breakfast. We bundle up, each heft an axe in hand, and head out and walk all the roads around the farm. We walk the roads, moving any trees that might have fallen onto the road, using the axes to make them moveable. The point of it though isn’t really to move any of the trees. If that was the purpose there’s easier ways of doing it, like using a chainsaw, or just pushing them aside with a tractor. We go for our walk to talk, to talk about plans. Its hard to explain what its like. Its always pretty quiet in the woods except for our voices. We talk about last year, and what’s been done. Feeling like you’ve gotten stuff done on a quiet Christmas morning is priceless, really. I always get this hot feeling in my chest, that I can do anything, walking around the woods talking with my Dad. Then there’s next years plans, being explained with  last year’s accomplishments, walking around talking about stuff like that, you get the feeling everything’s alright, and anything is possible. A year is a long time to get stuff done, and you can pack quite a few plans into just one. At home plans are measured into the seasons, there’s certain times of the year you can get stuff done, and other times that you can’t. You can’t hay in the winter. You can’t work the fields in the winter either. But the winter is a good time to cut wood, log and, well, plan. You can probably see where I’m going with this. But I’m going to mix it up.

Lets start with a bit of awesome Xmas light dubstep! If I saw that on a run, I’d probably go straight to the eggnog when I got home.

Or, I’d do one of these (which may or may not be one of my big goals next year, seriously) ‘Beware, this video contains 6 minutes of Santas’.

Ok, quick recap of last week’s training:

I ran alot, it was easy.

There was some fast running, that was easy.

I lifted weights, they were heavy.

I wore shorts and tights, they’re short and tight, respectively.

A good week I’d say.

Back to the seasons, (I did that on purpose).  Running is such a simple sport. I realize it every time I go out for a run. Its all about the running, and running, and more running. But because of its simplicity other aspects of it like competition are made complex. Getting lost in the notion of ‘just getting the work done’  is seductive. I think I may have fallen into the trap a little. But, I also realize that there’s a ‘time’ and ‘season’ for being competitive, and locking down. Now, during the winter, is the perfect time to train, and work hard, which sort of goes back to my post last week. Then there’s seasons and peaks to unleash, and kickass, and become the stone cold killer that I know I am, when the timing is right. This was sort of brought up in conversation with one of my bosses who cares a lot about my running and questions me critically about what I’m doing. He appreciates our group, and helps us a lot, and makes sure Montreal Endurance knows its welcome and a part of LeGym. That’s another thing about running competitively. If you aren’t around 24/7 like the coaches are, or the other athletes, than you rarely know what’s going on, if say, you haven’t seen progression, improvement, or results. But we do, every run does something, it all counts, and it all makes you stronger, physically, mentally or whatever else, a little bit at a time, every time.

This time of year is a great time to lay it all out, to have fun doing what you are doing, and to set those goals HIGH. A lot can happen in a year. Who’s to say you can’t give it a shot? All you gotta do is remember what season you’re in and what’s possible to do and what’s not. Don’t go haying in the winter. That just won’t work. Planning to sow seeds is the way to go.

Speaking of plans, this is a quick reminder for those in the club or for those interested in the club or who want to get involved to email John about the fundraising plans, and Volunteering at the Mcgill Team Challenge in January and then later in the summer (if you haven’t already). I’ll be racing, volunteering, and working the weekend in January, gettin’ it done! HUZAH!

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you all have something special planned! I know I do!