Track is Back…



I am now back in Moscow, Idaho. School has started again and I really like my classes this semester, which is a change from last semester were the classes I was taking were pretty boring. I have now been back in Idaho for about a week and half. I have to say that my first training here was pretty rough, mostly getting use to the 290m indoor track and also the slight altitude. It was not easy knowing where the marks for different distance were on the track. I’m starting to get the hang of it. This week I’m feeling really good after 4 weeks of high mileage, we dropped back down a bunch to soak in all the worked done in the previous weeks and I have to say it feels good not having to do any morning runs and having shorter easy run. However, I can’t really get use to it since the cycle is starting up again and soon the mileage will be increased again.


So Sunday night I found out that I was supposed to have my first race this Saturday. I started getting worried because I haven’t done any real work on the track yet, we are just starting back and most of my trainings have been tempo’s and long intervals so when I saw that I was supposed to race the Mile this weekend I kind of panicked. I was scared that I would not be able to sustain a fast pace for 8 laps and run a descent time since we have only been doing tempo’s and easy runs. Then on Monday it was my first time doing some faster things on the track. Started the workout with a tempo were I felt really smooth and then did a couple of 600m. I was feeling great and I looked great, I can say that some of my teammates were having a hard time so some of the guys that didn’t do the tempo ask me if I could take the last one. So I did to my surprise I broke away from them and ran a 1:26 to end the workout… not bad for a guy that hasn’t done any speed work yet. This got me really pumped and excited for upcoming races.


Then the next day on my easy run I started feeling a sharp pain in the back of my leg, at first I thought it was my Achilles, but eventually figured out that it was my soleus, I believe that I may have strained it a bit with the 1:26. It’s a good thing that this week is a low mileage week so I have time to take care of this little issue. My calf issue made me decides that I will not race the Mile this weekend. I can’t really imagine what putting on some spikes for the first time on a flat 200m track might do to my calf, but I’m positive that it won’t really like it. However, I managed to get in a solid second track session yesterday when me and Barry Britt smashed some 1600m repeats. Averaging 4:39, it’s looking good for a fast 3k in two weeks at the Husky Classic.


So my first race will be Friday February 3rd were I will be racing the Mile at our home meet. I can’t wait to get on that line and race on the track again. But what I’m most excited about is probably giving it to Barry in the Mile haha.


So my season will be starting soon and with my great form, stay tune for some updates and surprises. Also goodluck to all of my friends racing this weekend at the Mcgill Team Challenge, i’ll be following you.