New for 2013: Montreal Endurance club merges with McGill Olympic

We’ve had a great first year at Montreal Endurance. Athletes in our training group have PBed 55 times, spread over 28 different runners! That means 55 times, runners could say: “I’m in the best shape of my life.” That’s pretty awesome. Everyone is taking steps forward. Elite highlights include Amélie Kretz’s 6th place finish at the world junior triathlon championships, and Ryan Noel-Hodge’s bronze medal in the Olympic Trials 10000m.

Now our club is going to take another big step. In 2013, we will merge with the McGill Olympic Club. This will give our training group access to world class facilities. McGill’s indoor track is possibly the fastest in Canada. McGill stadium has been the site of some of the fastest times run in Quebec, going back to the days of the McGill International meet. We’ll gain teammates, in the McGill Varsity group, and the existing members of MOC. We’ll gain coaches: Dennis Barrett and his team are excited to have us on board.

This will also entail some changes. I will step down as head coach of Concordia’s cross country team. The department will be posting the job soon, so current and future Stingers will have a coach who can continue to provide them with the opportunity to compete in the RSEQ and CIS.

We’ll also have to give up our Montreal Endurance brand, at least as far as the club goes. This is difficult, but the heart of our club is the athletes, and whatever we choose to call the training group, it will continue to be successful, friendly, and big, all of which characteristics feed each other of course. A good analogy (first suggested by Stingers’ assistant coach Gavin Taylor) is that of a start-up being bought out by a significant investor. We plan to take our “start-up” energy to McGill, and combine it with the resources, tradition and success that exists at that institution.

This new partnership will allow us to participate in a junior development program. This is a key element in building a successful club, and since we’ve had many requests for it, we can now invite parents and kids interested in track and field to join us at McGill.

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This website,, will remain as a media entity. We hope to gain more bloggers, live stream races, and continue to forge links with sites like,,, and of course

As a coach, my philosophy is one of growth and progression. Applied to training plans, it has helped our athletes to get in the best shape of their lives, with room to improve. Applied to the training group and support structures, it means we can dream big. Onward!