Train for Boston With Us!

Happy New Year!

We had a great 2015 with 110 PBs in the club and a few more among those who are receiving private coaching. With the new year come resolutions and a ticking clock: for those who qualified for the Boston Marathon, it’s time to start the marathon build and get ready for that legendary ride through Massachusetts.

Our group is excited to boast 7 runners heading down to Boston this year. I’ll be heading down with them to provide support and (mostly) cheering. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to join us.

If you are running Boston and are looking for a training plan, there are a couple options. First, for $150, I can send you a plan. This would be a static plan with an appropriate progression and the right workouts to get you ready to nail Newton. Just send me a message and I’ll reply with a few questions so I can personalise the plan for you.

If you need more accountability and flexibility, for $500 I will provide a weekly program that’s adapted to your current level, and that adapts to you as you move through the training. The training is tracked through an online document, and we can both see it updated in real time. You can email me at any time and we will have a skype or phone conference before the plan starts and the week before the big race. Interested? Let me know here. Hurry though, as there are a limited number of these programs available. Also, hurry because you need to start training! 🙂

Boston is the big one. You want to be as prepared as you possibly can. When I ran Boston (2:51 in 2007) there was a terrible rain storm, with blowing winds and cold temperatures. That didn’t stop the fans from coming out and it didn’t stop me from reaching the finish line, because I was prepared with a good training plan. I hope I can get you to the finish line in Boston as well.