Women’s final rankings from the Classic Kiteley-McInnes CIS-XC poll at Montreal Endurance brought to you by New Balance

Hey guys!! I’m back again and buzzing with excitement. In the final week leading into the CIS Championships I brought my friend Claire, Vikes alum, with me to chat a little bit in front of the screen. So far, no major upsets so we’re waiting for the drama to all unveil itself when the country is watching on November 14th.

Here are the results from your final poll …

Guelph – 100pts

They’re continuing to reign. All eyes are on them to take home the title for the 11th time in a row. Ayers and Allison are ready to roll. They dominated OUA’s, and if they can transfer that to next weekend (I have no doubt they will), they should have no problem grabbing the W.

Trinity Western – 90pts

I’ve been saying this all season. If anyone can challenge the Guelph powerhouses…it’s Trinity. Their top girls are just SO strong. As I’ve mentioned before, Inglis is gunning for the win. Yee is looking great. Following them is a decent amount of depth. I predict that they’ll run away with the CanWest title, and while doing that that…give Guelph zero wiggle room to mess up.

Queens – 68pts

The girls moved up in the rankings to a prediction for a medal! This comes as no surprise, as Julie-Anne Staehli continues to make her mark this year as an individual contender for the top spots. Claire Sumner is following suit, finishing close behind. Their results at OUA’s are impressive, having a few other girls not too far behind which could be dangerous for any team hoping to beat them.

Toronto – 59pts

The Toronto ladies were bumped down a spot in the polls. Stafford is looking fantastic, I am anticipating a huge showdown between her and Inglis so keep your eyes on that exciting rivalry that’s coming. Other than her and Madeline Kelly, the team is hurting for depth. What went from a very hopeful look at this team for being a huge challenge to Guelph is looking less intimidating. They are now the underdogs, so we shall see what they do with this position.

Laval – 50pts

The dark horses, who keep staying just in our radar. They had a great race at RSEQ Champs, and I think they’re ready to bring the heat this weekend coming up. As a team, they had a very impressive performance at the conference with them all finishing very close to each other – good depth which will help with getting those points. Viva Laval!!

Victoria – 45pts

Maybe having such a young team so new to the CIS experience will be a good thing – when you just get after it without knowing what you’re getting, sometimes things go even better for you. I’m repping my Vikes to the death and can’t wait to see what kind of performance Chloe Hegland whips out. GO LADIES!!!!

Dalhousie – 43pts

Dal had a dominant performance at the AUS Conference Champs, showing that they’re ready to step up for this weekend. Looking for them to cause some upsets…who knows how the results can switch around. It’s in the middle of the pack where the team results can be completely changed.

McMaster – 42pts

We’ll see what McDonald and Nowak can do to bring the team into the mix for a fight for mid pack team finishes. Also looking for these girls to shake things up!

Calgary – 27pts

Alberta girls are ready to go! They lack depth, but hoping that Emma Cooke-Clarke can represent up at the front as she fights for an individual spot amongst the big dogs!

Laurentian – 10pts

They will be ready to fight – Wismer and Kennedy are coming off a solid performance at OUA’s. I think these girls can step it up as well!

Well XC Superfans. I think this year is going to live up to the hype. It’s time to get muddy.

While I’d love to be there cheering from the sidelines, you bet you can find me yelling at my computer and being glued to your internet updates. It’s time to get muddy. Time to get gritty. CIS XC CHAMPIONSHIPS are here!! Best of luck to all the teams – go put on a show.