5k time trial: a little early action.

So we got together for a little time trial. The idea was to shake off the rust, get a “race” in early so that when it comes time for real racing, we’ll have the confidence to go and get it done!

Unofficial results:
Ryan Noel-Hodge 15:07 (tied PB)
Dan Kramer 15:50 (PB)
Sofiane Guend 15:59 (PB)
Graydon Snider 16:16
James Coulton 17:08 (PB?)
Joe Liu 17:47 (PB)
Quinn Archer17:50 (PB)
Brenna Walsh 18:18
Coralina Tse 18:51
Mona Beatrix 19:55 (PB)
Luci Dykstra 19:59 (PB)

Here’s some video of how it all went down. That tune is from Arcade Fire, a Montreal band of course. I have always been kind of cool on them, but this latest album is pretty good.

Here are the post-run reactions. Thanks again to the pacers: Monette, Amélie Kretz, Kyla Rollinson, Didier Morelli, and Gavin Taylor.

Finally, there is an expression that says: “he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else.” It’s meant to imply that the person in question is nothing special, just a regular guy/girl. Well, we know have proof that one of our runners IS in fact special, because he has his own way of putting his pants on and off… Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan Noel-Hodge: