Lasalle (+ATB) Results: 449 seconds of PBs on the day!

Big day for the club. Check out these results. So many PBs! In fact, 449 seconds of PBs, or 7:29, assuming I have everyone’s old PBs right. You guys are amazing! That’s an AVERAGE of 28sec PB per person.

Full race results (from both races) at

Phil Tremblay 16:08 (PB 39sec?)
Javier Cuevas 16:38
Dominique Roy 17:58 (winner!)
Mona Beatrix 19:44 (PB 3sec)
Molly Howes 20:23 (PB 1:23!!!)

Ryan Noel-Hodge 31:36 (3rd place, PB 39sec)
Simon-Malik Giroux 34:25
Simon Driver 34:56
Dave Liu 34:58 (PB 25sec!)
Coach Lofranco 35:33 (Season Best 40sec…long way from PB though)
Mahbubuzzaman Kazi 36:19 (PB 1:05!!!)
Alex St. Jalm 36:33 (PB 42sec!!)
Gavin Taylor 38:26 (PB 18sec)
Liz Mokrusa 39:08
Brenna Walsh 39:13 (PB 1:11!!!)
Bertrand Montel 46:14 (PB 1:04!!!)

Around The Bay 30k
Graydon Snider 1:48:17 17th place