Results/Résultats: Vert et Or

Full results are here. On attend les résultats d’aujourd’hui bientôt! I’ll add them to this post once received.

Sunday’s highlights added below. Link to full results above now includes Sunday.

Highlights from a Montreal perspective:

2000m Cadet: les deux meilleurs temps cadet en salle depuis 1999!
1 Bertrand, Xavier 96 Fleur de Lys 6:03.68
2 Bolduc, Justin 96 C.A.Univ.Laval 6:03.69

Concordia’s Jameel Greenidge, running for SLS was second in the men’s 600m:
2 Greenidge, Jameel 91 St Laurent Selec 1:25.59

The McGill women dominated the women’s 1000m:
1 Mcuaig, Sarah 90 McGill Univ. 2:57.17
2 Drouin-Audet, Catherine 88 McGill Univ. 2:57.42
3 Castro, Aimee 91 McGill Univ. 2:58.07

Dominique Roy, from Concordia/Fleur-de-Lys won the women’s 1500m by 7 seconds:
1 Roy, Dominique 88 Fleur de Lys 4:42.86

In the men’s 1500m, ULaval swept the top three, but Charles-Édouard Litwin of Fleur-de-Lys won the second heat in his first 1500m ever. Concordia alum, now running for Sherbrooke, Simon-Malik Giroux, opened his season as well.
8 Litwin, Charles-Édouard 93 Fleur de Lys 4:21.90
9 Malik-Giroux, Simon 85 U. Sherbrooke 4:22.58

Ryan Forsyth of Dawson College was the top collegiate performer in the men’s 3000m, while Jay Boychuk was the first across the line:
1 Boychuk, Jay 92 McGill Univ. 9:00.77
5 Forsyth, Ryan 92 Dawson College 9:56.76

Aida Valevicius of McGill won a relatively slow women’s 3000m:
1 Valevicius, Aida 89 McGill Univ. 11:36.59

300m Cadette
6 Castonguay-Cusson, Mirka 96 Fleur de Lys 45.94

800m Cadette
7 Castonguay-Cusson, Mirka 96 Fleur de Lys 2:37.69

800m Cadet
3 Bertrand, Xavier 96 Fleur de Lys 2:07.02
13 Gagné, Roch 97 Fleur de Lys 2:33.51