Start Lise/Liste de Départ: long overdue

IAAF World Championships are on! Bekele’s return was a bit of a bust, but the men’s 10k final was pretty cool. Kenya dominated the women’s 10k and marathon. Women’s 5k and men’s 1500 heats (Martinson) are tonight!

Meanwhile, we left off about two weeks ago. You’ll have to go back through your favourite blogs to see what you missed, but here’s the latest from our blog roll.

Steve Magness at Science of Running just posted his literature review of science and running. 130 pages of sports science and analysis on running. Download it now for free! And maybe give him a donation, too, it’s probably worth it.

Peak Performance Blog says:
Less is more. Applied across the board.

Sweat Science:
Post-exercise re-fueling: how much and when? All at once, apparently.

Pre-race soda-loading (yes, they are still taking about that) is apparently useful at 3hrs pre-comp. It gives the stomach time to settle.

In Guelph, Reid, Eric and Rob prepare for STWM. For Coolsaet, a “down-week” of 180k is up-coming. Gillis is figuring out the internet. Watson is fist-pumping after workouts now…

Out west, Dylan Wykes is pissing his way through marathon prep.

Ian Donald is making his debut with the Guelph Gryphon XC team this fall.

Ryan Noel-Hodge is inspired by Daegu. He wants next.

Jane had a “meh” day at the Acura 10-miler. Sometimes that’s good when you are in marathon training. The key is to pull out of the meh before the big race.

Trevor Caldwell nailed a nice long run.

In London, they are doing the Denfield. Check it out.

Check the blog roll for more from all your favourites. I’ll try and get back on the Start List train now that the fall season is about to start, etc. etc. And enjoy Daegu!