Start List/Liste de Départ: Heat Two

It’s early days here at Montreal Endurance. We’re still figuring things out, but the goal is to try to get up at least one new post per day (or maybe 6 per week). Once indoor season starts up, we’ll have regular results posts, and we’ll be able to get some video content going as well. And the featured images will vary more, too, once we get some good indoor shots. The Start List feature is meant to bring together all the running links from our friends across the Internet. We weren’t sure how much there would be, so we figured once a week would be enough. Happily, we can say that we are coming across new blogs, and our favourite sites have done some updating this week. So here is, let’s call it Heat Two, of this week’s Start List:

A story about what it means to be a real runner, at Flotrack via Trimes. Trimes is a new blog (well, new to us) and it is packed full of good stuff. Start List will keep you up with the latest, but hey, go over there and dive in. There’s some solid stuff.

Un autre lien de Trimes: Code de Conduite des athlètes Trimes. I’m not sure I understand (“Les spacers entre la potence et le cadre sont interdits” Huh?) or agree with (“tu donneras la preference au « trisuit ».” No thank you!) all of them, but there are some really good ones (“Un ami retailer qui te donne 10%, n’est pas un sponsor.” That made me laugh).

Chris Winter is down in New Zealand aiming for 300 miles in 3 weeks. Am I jealous? Oui.

A. Hutch over at Sweat Science has the latest on beet juice. Yes, beet juice. Apparently it might help! Go figure. He also has a post on placebos.

CIM champ Dylan Wykes recaps his 2010. Lots of year-end recaps popping up now, but it’s worth a read for a little nugget at the end about program design and planning. A small look inside the sausage factory, so to speak.