Start List/ Liste de Départ: Bring it!

Jane has been hitting the pool and it looks like it’s a success. She’s one of many top runners who will be converging on Montreal next weekend for the MTL21k.

After a solid week, André Lefort renews his relationship with the ice bath.

Jeremy Walsh is putting in the killage.

Peter Corrigan improves his 5k time to 14:24. Geoff Martinson ran 3:43 for 1500m at the same meet.

Ian Donald is a uni-turner.

Malindi Elmore made her dad sleep on the floor. The rest of the blog post sounds like there’s a bit of a reality show vibe going on down in Scottsdale. Geoff Harris is living in The Condo, too.

Dylan Wykes deals with a reporter who clearly knows nothing about marathons. He also recommends a concert in Montreal. Check that out.

Adam Campbell likes to get intellectual on the run. And then he posts a video with boobs in it. Not gratuitous boobs though. Artistic ones.

Paula Findlay wins the Sidney ITU triathlon. She’s 21. A phenomenal athlete.

The Triathlon Code updates us on Alex Hinton.

Pre-marathon travel tips, specifically regarding compression socks and deep vein thrombosis.

Another cool science link: nano-technology that can show glucose levels.

Hopefully we don’t need to use this information again for a while, but Sweat Science tells us how to keep our fingers warm: cover your face!