Start List/List de Départ: Almost Spring

It’s been a while, but here are some interesting links to get you through the pending snowstorm.

I wrote an article for Canadian Running about runners and blogs. Très meta!

Here’s a cool post from Pete Corrigan, after his 5k opener a couple weeks ago.

Ok, so everyone reads Reid’s blog, but the video he posts has been making the rounds, and should be watched. Also note the Guelph group is doing mile repeats with hill sprints heading into the end of indoor track season. I am always saying, there is no need to pound the track three times a week. If road work is good enough for these guys…

Baby Goucher says his piece.

Lincoln talks workouts and openers.

Take a risk. It feels good.

Can’t not link a Prefontaine clip.

The other clip going around is the Perfect Runner trailer. Lucy talks about Lucy.

The hottest thing on the internet right now: Graydon Snider’s graphs.

Always a must read, Steve Weiler writes about goals.

Gotta read this AI interview with Nicholas Powell, it’s a mind game!

Our bloggers have been busy: Brenna, Ryan, and Brenna again.

There are lots more blogs out there, but this should keep you busy for a while…