Start List/List de Départ: Integrity and Rationality, get some.

Un triathlete decouvert l’athletisme.

Et le marathon de Montreal aura un nouveau parcours. Trimes n’en pense pas trop.

Rather spirited discussion on this (Olympic marathon qualification). I don’t know why people think it is a good precedent to set to change the rules mid-stream.

Geoff Martinson checks in for WADA in Victoria.

Graydon Snider has a great post about Percy Cerutty and the Stotans. Nice to see that philosophy getting around. Dave has some of Cerruty’s advice for kids.

Manon Letourneau update après Clermont. Geoff Harris has arrived in Phoenix. Matt Lincoln is in Pennsylvania.

Meggan Franks (cousin of Ryan “the Dragon” Noel-Hodge) ran a pretty solid marathon in New Orleans. She’s a few minutes off the Olympic standard, but she’s bringing it down. Nice job Meggan!

This guy survived 50miles. At once.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can hurt you, too! Don’t be mean!

So last weekend in Quebec City, the guys from ULaval were hanging around, not racing because they are going to light it up at CIS this week, and I noticed Math Raymond carrying what looked like a bottle of red wine. I asked him what it was, and surprise, it was not wine, but beet juice. The fad has made it to Quebec! Does it work?

Running is a game. For us, maybe, but not for this guy.