Start List/Liste de Départ: Oops

Daniel Riou at has put together something really cool. The Défi Entreprise encourages regular people to get out and get fit. It’s a cause worth supporting.

Barefoot running just won’t go away. Here’s a scientific presentation on the topic. Amby Burfoot looks at more foot-strike pattern data, and our own Wild Running Chexican relates a personal tale.
Sweatscience looks at a study of elite runners’ cadence at speed (it’s also one of the studies that Burfoot reports on). He also examines “the paleo lifestyle” in the Globe and Mail.

Jeremy Walsh has set his goals for the season.

Reid Coolsaet is going back to Kenya.

Fred Dion parle de motivation.

If you like triathletes, and you like Twitter, here are a couple more to follow.

I love a good cross country race.