Start List/Liste de Départ: 2012

Lots of year-end and year-start posts. For one, Reid Coolsaet is pumped about 2012. Geoff Martinson examines his best posts of 2011. Marco Cardinale looks back as well. The Science of Sport says the story of the year is the brain. SweatScience has a few links on the topic as well. He also has a post on lactate.

Eric Gillis has a new running partner.
Jeremy Walsh managed to average just under 100 kills/week in 2011. Solid. Lucy Smith wants you to stay positive.

Kelsall is on the recovery train, but it’s not preventing him from getting up some blog posts on Athletics Illustrated, too, including a book review.

More SweatScience: you can adapt your gut.

Don’t stop doing the little things.

Anton Krupika’s latest week of training has a lot of things.

The universe doesn’t care about your plans.

Lauren Fleshman is giving the boot to her depression.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
Trimes has a series of resolutions for you.