Start List/Liste de Départ: Aftermath

I have quite a few posts to get up in the aftermath of the CISXC championships last weekend, but I’m also working on a big exciting project that is taking some time. So for now, you’ll have to enjoy links courtesy of everyone else…

There are too many links for me to handle, but I will do my best.

Sweatscience is talking skepticism. This is a good read. Running is simple, but not easy. Discussions of “form” are rarely useful. Check out the rest of Alex’s latest posts as well.

The French running site talks about protein. They also have a backlog of posts worth investigating.

Trimes has re-opened its forum. Go chat! And frequent the rest of their site. You might be a triathlete if…

And now the recaps. Ben Raymond was 4th at the CCAA XC championships in BC. The top QC woman was Amélie Kretz in 7th.

At CIS, the action was fast and furious. Here is a video of the men’s race, courtesy of the hosts Rouge et Or:


Laval coach Felix-Antoine Lapointe recaps his team’s solid weekend (men 5th, women 8th). And here are some interviews with the team. (worth the click for Fred Bouchard’s fantastic commentary)

Reid Coolsaet recaps his CIS weekend. #1 in our hearts.

The Guelph girls not only dominated on the course, but they also made a dance video. Seriously.

Speaking of dancing, Jane recaps a big night out.

Kevin Rooke’s team got the miracle they were looking for. And though they won their Region, that wasn’t it.

And Meggan Franks reports from the South Region.

Matt Lincoln comments on the Penn State situation.

Jeremy Walsh recaps his season and tells a story.

Leanna MacLean: broke-ass bitch. (her words, not mine)

Patrice Hamelin is back to training.

Geoff Martinson makes the very good point that you have to have something to do with your life when you are done running.

There was a big 55k run on Mont Royal this weekend. Flintland was there.

Adam Campbell gives some solid advice for getting a good run in: get lost.

November is a tough month to train in sometimes. Unless you like it gritty.

Talent identification: it’s not all about results, it’s about attitude. And the same can be said for coaches.

Daniel Riou examines the myth of training zones.

Old man ranting: here. “I miss the time…”

Marco Cardinale analyses twitter trends.

Running Jesus went to Brazil.