Start List/Liste de Départ: All Heart

Trimes looks at the muscle at the heart of it all.

Speaking of heart, Adam Goucher has retired from competitive distance running. I predict this guy is still going to have an impact, if not as an elite runner, than as a coach, mentor, and author.

Dylan Wykes says enough with the pity party! Time to get back on the horse.

Rob blogs about DeadMau5. He finds it kind of lame.

Maybe you will have better luck hearing what the heck Ian Donald is trying to say in this video.

Rob Jackson is quite intensely preparing for CIS.
Is he even in Guelph’s top 7? If this is how the reserves are preparing…

Lauren Fleshman’s marathon experience, part two, in which tattoos are removed with booze.

And Fleshman is also back to answering questions. Should you take a break after your season? Signs point to yes!

Marco Cardinale reflects on the Italian track and field conference.

Amby Burfoot says a sub-2hr marathon is unlikely.

Apprenez à prendre votre pied sur le trail.

A blog post from Blaise Dubois about leg length discrepancy.

Daniel Riou explique V02max, PAM et VAM (des termes français pour Max Aerobic Power and Max Aerobic Speed).

Patrice Hamelin lou son appart, pis vend ses bikes…what’s going on…Or maybe he’s just posting for someone else…but he promises a big training update soon. Moving to Victoria? That’s my guess…

Back home in Montreal, a few updates. One, our post on the Quebec conference race with new stats. And two, Ryan is on Twitter. I told him this was probably going to result in his failing out of school and such, but given his most recent blog post, perhaps that is his plan? Also, not sure if we’ve linked to this yet in the start list, but Colle has gotten over Hawaii and is ready to roll this weekend at West Regionals.