Start List/Liste de Départ: and so it begins

Cross season is back. Looking good over there, les boys!

And Stephane Colle is settling in to American college life.

Jeremy Walsh is feeling down. Those time trials can hurt.

Ian Donald is working the salt mines.

Here’s something important to remember when you are out suffering on the hills and in the mud: “All exercise performances are sub-maximal.”

And it’s also the end of tri season. Trimes has all the news.

André Lefort won his age-group in the Springbank Park 5k.
He’s also noticing that running more makes you hungry and helps you run fast.

Lanni Marchant is back, and is showing off her perfect boyfriend.

Here’s a link to an interesting study regarding measuring muscle oxygenation.

(Not so?) rare footage of Kenyans running slow.

An update from Dylan Wykes out west, getting ready for the big showdown in TO in October.

Eric Gillis debuts the beard and talks about some training. 70min tempo run anyone? Yes, please! Also, he wants to thank his sister-in-law for her support. Well done! He’s also linking us to an article about him written by the now infamous Paul Gains. So much blogging for Eric!

Meanwhile, not content to race people, Reid Coolsaet races a car.

“Live in the now, man!”

To end today, a very quick update from Peter Corrigan.