Start List/Liste de Départ: and we’re back

Woah, so there has been quite a few days between posts. Here are a few choice posts from the last week.

The first thing you need to know is that Montreal Endurance is going to attempt to live stream the upcoming McGill Team Challenge. I really hope it works!

Here is some reinforcement for some stuff I said in my post about run streaks: “he runs regularly because he loves doing so.”

Dylan Wykes is primed for his next, final attempt at 2012 Olympic Marathon Standard.

Apparently Halifax has their own Kenyan John!. And here is Geoff Harris’ result from the 1k race in question.

Obligatory Blog du Rob.

Leslie Sexton is back, and she’s stepping up to the marathon.

Lincoln logs again.

What is the best warm up?

Amy Golumbia ran an impressive marathon PB. Check her out.

Questioning speed training. “Accomplishing great things in distance running comes through patience, intelligent work and time.” Exhibit A: Ryan “8:32 3k on steady state, strides and hill work” Noel-Hodge.

On the other hand, speed is a helluva drug. That provincial record is going down soon.

Meggan Franks ran a solid half marathon.

Snowshoe racing, anyone? Don’t get too cold, though. Feeling warm makes you feel better about yourself.

I’ll do my part and promote this, but seems to me, the Guelph group has shown that an 8-lane, world-class facility is not a pre-requisite for success. Nice to have though.

Here’s an interesting initiative. The NTL is letting athletes have a peice of their bibs.

Confucious would make a good running coach.

How can yo have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.