Start List/Liste de Départ: back in the swing

Concordia started back a bit earlier than most, so while many of you were still enjoying some vacation time, I was back in the classroom, moulding young minds. Good times!

Adam Campbell put up a year in review post. He’s had a big year!

Staying on the West Coast, Jay has a new post. Good blog, even it is less and less about running.

Train one limb, and strengthen the other. Cool!

AI interviews Keith Livingstone.

Maybe I missed it, but Dylan Wykes doesn’t say where he will make his next attempt at Oly marathon standard in this year in review. I like this quote: ” All those agonizing workouts up at UBC on Tuesday evenings throughout the winter and spring payed off on the day as I ran a huge PB of 28:12.”

Here is the training of Italian Olympic marathon champion Baldini, leading up to the big day.

More resolutions from Trimes.

Nobody but you cares how fast you run.

Meb: Sketchers vs. Nikes.

How many Epic running stories can you tell?

Herb Elliot probably knows a few.

Thinking about recovery.

Meggan Franks changes up her racing plans.

Finally, what can hockey teach us about running? Your coach must speak french? No. Bring a celebratory dildo to the meet, just in case? No. Daniel Riou has a more useful set of recommendations.