Start List/Liste de Départ: been busy?

Fun links all around today. First, in case you haven’t seen it: we made our own singlets.

Colle tells us what we already knew: les filles anglos aimes l’accent Québecois! Giggity.

Perhaps Ben Raymond will take that into account when choosing a university for next year.

The group from Quebec City decided on Ottawa as a winter training camp locale. So exotic!

If you are looking for CIS indoor track results, MacTrack has a listing.

Trimes has a very nice post about goal setting. Good time for it, now, too.

Daniel Riou finds a nice old school running video. El G in a road relay, that’s cool!

Speaking of old school, so much running “gear” is entirely unnecessary. Read Dave’s post, and watch this video.

New school: a Twitter road race.

Ready for London?Martinson is back in AZ. Coolsaet’s in Kenya. Milne’s in Toronto.

André Lefort is back with a strength training post. And club-mate Jeremy Walsh expounds on mileage.