Start List/Liste de Départ: Big Weekend

Lots of running happening this weekend around the world.

Here in town, the McGill Holiday Classic saw some mighty fine indoor track running performances. Ben Raymond was there and reports on the goings-on.

In Miami, Simon Bairu won the half marathon in a slowish time, but still got the win, and was happy with it.

Foot Locker USHSXC. Big time.

Here’s a really good question: When? When will you follow your dreams? When will you do what you say you’re gonna do? How about now? Amy Golumbia lays it down.

In case you missed it, on Friday, Montreal Endurance announced the opening of our club. We also redesigned the website a bit. We will still bring you the same great coverage of Montreal/Quebec/Canadian running, but with the added bonus of being able to express ourselves on the track, too!

Hey, if you don’t feel like running, read this! WWPD?

A week in the training life:
Francois Drouin
Running Jesus
Jane Cullis is on the mend!

London Runner’s XC recap continues.

Here are some running routes in and around…Hamilton.

Dave laments a lack of good running magazines.

Already, the predictions for 2012 are beginning. Good question: who will be the fastest Quebecer to run a marathon this year? Last year it was Bagdhad Rachem in a 2:24:33, which was, if you can believe it, 12th fastest in Canada. (and yes, I consider those guys Quebecers and Canadians. I’m not a fan of the askterisk. If you live here, you’re one of us.)

Is Galen Rupp like Justin Beiber? Geoff Martinson ponders the ha8ers.

Feels good to have a team, says Adam Campbell.

Science, and antioxidants, more complicated than first thought.

Behind the cover shot of a running magazine.

Exercise is more important than losing weight.

Rob Jackson’s got a nice story on John Carlos.

Reid Coolsaet shares some tunes from a high school buddy.

Daniel Riou takes on Chi Running.
Not much to the review of the book (I tend to agree with him on this stuff), but check out the comments, as there’s a good discussion about stride length and cadence.