Start List/Liste de Départ: Blue Monday

First off, very sad news: Canadian Marathoner Danny Kassap died this morning. Appreciate what you have: your health, your friends and family, your life.

This is maybe an appropriate time to introduce a new blog, from Jay MacDonald. Jay’s most recent blog contemplates mortality: getting old vs. dying young.

And here is a post about character. Character over talent, every time.

A melancholy little workout video seems appropriate. A couple triathlon kids out for a workout:

Jeremy Walsh is inspired by Churchill.

A study showing no link between injury and running form or shoes. Sacrilege! Also on the science front, an article from Sweat Science about good vs bad science. And speaking of mortality, he’s also got something about metabolism and life span. Science of Running also talks meta-science, using hydration as an example.

And results posts from various events this weekend: (probably more will trickle in today, so check back tomorrow for more.)
Coolsaet from Sporting Life 10k 28:07 including video.

Geoff Martinson 13:44 at Payton Jordan.

Geoff Harris ran the DMR at Penn Relays.

Kevin Rooke was part of the great high school invitational 3k field at the Rowland Games in Toronto.

Derek Nakluski does a dress rehearsal for Ottawa.

Peter Corrigan is moving from Scottsdale to Flagstaff. Geoff Harris is off to Flagstaff, too. And so is Matt Lincoln, who gives a little interview.

Evan Andrin is considering switching sports to…rowing.

André LeFort recaps the month of April.