Start List/Liste de Départ: Brand new day (week, month)

I went to Toronto this weekend. Check it out.

Coaches: self-analyse your performance with this profile. Apparently it costs $40 though, so you’ll have to decide if admitting you are not perfect is worth that much to you.

Three posts from Sweat Science:

Getting faster doesn’t make you sweat more.

Exercise less than 10min doesn’t count!

Inflexibility makes you faster.

Road races are thinning out. Is fitness to blame?

Hamelin abandone à Magog.
C’est rare, en effet.

Martinson is done in Europe, and heading home to wait for AC’s official announcement on whether he’s made Rising Star status.

Morning runners unite.
André Lefort.

Adam Campbell is free!

Jane’s feet hurt.

Trevor’s into the over-distance stuff.

Rob is a new man.