Start List/Liste de Départ: Brand New Day

This week feels all fresh and new. Let’s see what’s out there, shall we?

Have to open with this. We’ve all been tying our shoes wrong. Want to make sure they don’t come untied at provincials this weekend? Watch this video.

Rob Jackson and the Guelph Gryphons are laying down the gauntlet. Then they are going to pick it up and impale you with it. And make you listen to this song.

The Rouge et Or got on tv. This is awesome. I do have two small qualms about it. First, the introduction seems to grovel a little bit too much at the altar of the university. As in, oh, thank you U Laval for providing the athletes this wonderful opportunity to excel. It made me wonder how many of those athletes would be running in a club setting, if they didn’t have the university team to train with. I don’t know for sure, but to suggest they would not seems to question their commitment, and from what I know of that group, they are pretty committed to the sport. There’s a balance between using schools to promote the sport (we need schools involved in running, from elementary all the way to university) and letting them take all the credit, when in fact, school teams are fairly arbitrary gatherings of people. Or at least, they are gathered not according to their skill at the sport, but to their academic pursuits. This is not to say a team bond does not form–it does and it is a beautiful thing. The second qualm I have is that, while there is a brief mention of Charles and Catherine’s hopes to win the race in Chicoutimi, the focus is almost entirely on the participatory nature of the sport. This is fine, except that we should be careful, then, not to connect the media exposure the team is receiving to the fact that they are good at running. The connection seemed to be that one of Marcel’s buddies has a kid on the team (Marcel even mentions that). So while I’m excited to see cross country on tv, I don’t think it’s necessarily a sign of things to come. Will there be a follow up feature if the teams win a CIS medal?

Kara Goucher moves from Salazar to Schumacher, so she can run with Shalene Flanagan and Lisa Koll. It sounds like she has been reading her husband’s new book. Looking yourself in the mirror, accountability, integrity and responsibility are all themes in Running The Edge.

Lauren Fleshman is close to the edge herself. A little hiccup going into the taper, but it’s all good. That’s marathoning.

Reid Coolsaet answers some questions about his race in his blog. He will also be answering questions on Wednesday at noon at Canadian Running Magazine’s website.

Gillis gets his official time.

Trevor Caldwell updates us on how STWM went for him and his medium performance group.

Strength and spirit. Herb Elliot talks about these vital components in a runner’s tool kit. Interesting that he mentions yoga (and not just the stretching kind). And Arthur Lydiard has advice for beginning (and really all) marathoners. The Live for the Run site is great. It’s like the ESPN Classic of running blogs.

Marilyn Arsenault is officially back with a solid 1:18 half marathon.

Malindi Elmore has a great post about the origins of racing, and high school cross country. Reading something like this makes it clear that we all have come from roughly the same place (ok winning BC XC in grade 9 is pretty special). It’s hard work over time that makes champions, as well as a supportive family and teammates.

Jeremy Walsh rolls his ankle and shows a rectangle on the board. But he’ll be back.

Andre Lefort updates his blog for the first time in a while.

Geoff Martinson is back home in Prince George, and he will have no mercy on the high school boys!

Racewalker Rachel Seaman is back and starting her march to London 2012.

If there are any Italians (or other Europeans, or anyone interested, really) in the audience, there is a fine sports science conference up-coming in Abano Terme. Marco Cardinale will be speaking there. He also just posted a blog about weight loss.

Triathlon Club Tri-O-Lacs is looking for a new head coach. Job posting written by the old coach at Trimes.

Hamelin is back after a little break.

After another recent drug revelation in Quebec cycling, Trimes decided to do some investigative reporting. Alex finds some startling, and saddening, things on the internet.