Start List/Liste de Départ: Canada Day weekend edition

It’s a long weekend so I’m just ramming the links in there. Enjoy!

Sleep helps basketball players. And it can probably help you, too.

Geoff Martinson got B standard in the 1500 at Harry Jerome.
He’s got the race video up.

Science-based running looks at VO2 max.

Stotan training exercise.

Kevin Rooke ran another PB.

Solutions to pain. More medical than running but interesting nonetheless.

Différences entre Europe et l’Amérique du Nord en Ironman.

J-S et Charles du Rouge et Or se transforme en “hipster.”
“Se transforme?” They weren’t already? lol

Sweatscience gets into the discussion about whether leading a championship 1500 is a good idea or not.

Are women going to catch men in the marathon?

The ideal runner develops his or her mind.

Are we over carboloading?

Matt Hulse with a cool video on rowing and the Olympic dream.

Steve Osiaduk updates on his life changes.

Dylan Wykes on his performance at SVHM.

How far did I run?
A history of sorts.