Start List/Liste de Départ: Ch-ch-changes!

First of all, thanks Dan Kramer for submitting this photo of himself (good job Dan!) taken by Adam Scotti. Adam’s got some nice shots. More where that came from. That’ll be our Start List photo for the next little while. We’re also in the process of changing the look of the site. You’ll see the Ads up top, and also we are reconfiguring our now bursting to the seams blog roll. All for your viewing and reading pleasure!

Big weekend! 21kdeMTL, London Marathon, Boston (as we speak), Sun Run… Let’s see what people are saying!


Our 21kdeMTL page featuring interviews and soon, race footage.

Reid Coolsaet’s race recap from Montreal.

Trimes reviews the 21kdeMTL.

Geoff Martinson quotes Jay-Z and explains Athletics Canada standards to qualify for the IAAF World Championships.

Dylan Wykes talks about Sun Run (pre-race) and does an interview.

Geoff Harris is recovering and racing, trying not to dwell on the negatives.

Lanni Marchant is now sponsored by Mizuno.

Malindi Elmore remembers Mt. Sac.

Lucy Smith has a bit on optimism.

André Lefort comments on Boston and has a nice video of the Duel in the Sun. He also calls into question the good taste of his coach.

Ian Donald plays mind games.

Evan Andrin has a fine start to his novel. It’s really quite good.

À Québec, ils ont fait un petit 5k prediction. Voici les résultats.


Boston top lists from Mzungo. Women. Desiree Davila…who? Men. That’s a world record for Mutai but it won’t count because of the elevation. Big PB Ryan Hall, sub 2:05.

Mzungo has interviews with men’s and women’s winners of the London Marathon.

Interesting post about training for kids. Makes me realise how lucky I was to have a good coach from a very young age. We had a xc team at our elementary school because one of the recess supervisor ladies was also a track club coach. She took us out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the park to run loops. We just ran as many loops as we could at an easy pace. We did some stretches and then we ate our lunch. Sometimes she would ask us to run a little faster, but usually, it was just about running easy laps. Smart training for 10-12 year olds.

From the same blog, a post about beer.

Update from Team Pennington.


Sweat Science reports a study that shows that exercise does correlate with arthritis. Well,it’s off to the couch for me then!