Start List/Liste de Départ: Champion du monde du Québec!

Indeed, it’s true, David LePorho is world snowshoe racing champ. Félicitations!

Et ici le compte-rendu de l’équipe universitaire Rouge et Or, qui a remporter quelques medailles et plusieurs records et PBs au championnats CIS à Winnipeg.

In case you’ve been missing Le Blog du Rob, he’s still there, training away. New feature: his training log. He’s going to race the half in NYC next weekend.

Hillary Stellingwerf took to the roads for a 5k. In this interview with Athletics Illustrated, she talks about shifting from indoor to the roads, and how it sometimes feels harder to run slower.

Graydon Snider looks at other countries’ Olympic Marathon qualifying procedures. He very astutely points out that it’s not a good idea to change the rules at this late stage, but perhaps going forward, a new procedure for Canada should be instituted. Here’s the gist of his argument: “Athletics Canada is being unfair. But not to Dylan, who if born Kenyan his Olympic chances would be even worse, and if born in Cambodia would be better. Such is life. Instead they are being unfair to their own eventual interests. AC has picked a battle with itself and Dylan is caught in the middle. None of this matters since we cannot change rules midstream, of course, and Dylan Wykes will (probably) not go to the Olympics.”

Here’s another really good one from Graydon, who compares coaches to animal breeders. More interesting is his suggestion of a new team competition in running. Read to the end of his post to find out.

Training camp life: simple.

Canada had some good performances at the World Indoor championships last weekend. Steve Morely mentions one, and wonders how good is good enough, and why can’t runners be happy?

Coolsaet is happy to finally be racing his hometown race, the Around the Bay 30k. Jeremy Walsh is pretty pumped to be racing the 5k on the same day.

Geoff Martinson writes a wonderful take-down of Paul Gains recent Canadian Running article. Gains says Canadian athletes are too worried about sponsorships and don’t work hard enough. Martinson says “Bite me.” ok, he doesn’t actually say that, but it would not have been inappropriate.

A couple local limks to read from Ryan and Stephane if you haven’t already checked them out.

Here’s an interview on developing mental toughness.

Finally, always good to read some Lydiard, from Dave.