Start List/Liste de Départ: Cooking with gas

André Lefort recaps his London 1500 night race. I was in his heat.

Gary Storey also recaps (and manages to mention me as well)

Kevin Rooke was getting ready to run in London as well. He ended up going 3:58.27

All the results from London can be found here.

Updated video from our trip to Ottawa. Dan Kramer’s cooking show!

Ian Donald talks about his race-prep balance. He also has a post about the little things that give an athlete an edge.

Paula Findlay wins again. I once had dinner at her parents’ place in Canmore. (trying to figure out a way to work myself into almost every link today…)

Speed River is camped out in Canmore (did I mention I once had lunch there) in preparation for nationals this weekend. Also in that link is a list of Speed River athletes on Twitter. If you are into the Twitter, check it out.

Reid Coolsaet gives his impressions on the week leading up to nationals.

More from Ron Clarke
and a letter from Arthur Lydiard.

Non-alcoholic beer: “isotonic sports drink.

Matt Lincoln gives us an update.
He also is pleased that Kabby got the Cup!

Matt Hulse also updates on his new plan.

Jay MacDonald was sick but he seems to be on the mend!

RTC Guelph on a nice little run.

Back to last Wednesday, here’s the Rouge et Or update from Indiana.