Start List/Liste de Départ: downtime

A lot of people are going to be heading into downtime now, building up for the fall cross country season. Others are heading into their last big training phases before some big international meets. And the marathoners are in the midst of the long, slow, grind to the fall races.

Amélie Kretz is the newest addition to our blogging stable here. She’s taking a break, too.

Here’s another “review” of a part of Tim Noakes’ The Lore of Running. Why do we get exhausted? It’s very interesting as it looks at how we are able to draw on new reserves of energy at the end of a run.

Patrice Hamelin parle de sa retraite.

More Tri news at Trimes.

Also via Trimes, a link to the site of a track runner who has turned to triathlons and is destroying multi-sport veterans in the field of competition. Not mediocre.

I’m not much of a soccer fan, but this piece about why Japan was able to beat the USA in the WWC this weekend might be of interest to those searching to excel under pressure. Here’s a sample paragraph: “Mapping out your multifaceted nature can work across the board, for anyone. Having an athlete spend five minutes before the big game drawing a diagram of everything that makes him who he is can help ensure that he excels under stress. Maybe he tutors underprivileged children, excels in school, and can eat more hot dogs than any of his friends in a single sitting. The mere act of realizing you aren’t just defined by one dimension – your SAT score or your ability to make a penalty shot – can be enough to help curtail those worries and negative thoughts that sometimes interfere with your ability to perform at your best. In essence, thinking about yourself from multiple perspectives can help relieve some pressure that you feel to excel in one area of your life.”

How much exercise is too much, Alex Hutchinson asks?

And after you’re done that exercise, there is “very strong anecdotal evidence that a sustained cold-water bath — in this case, 15 minutes at 10 C — helps to speed up recovery after hard workouts.”

I know I have to work hard at not “over-coaching.” Here’s a good reminder that a coach is never really going to be able to “motivate” an athlete. Motivation has to come from within.

Jeremy Walsh ran a 54 relay leg and went to see Harry Potter. Not a bad weekend, really.

Kevin Rooke ended his season with a little solo time trial and managed to get a PB out of it. Not bad! Also check out his last 1500m of the year, in TO.

Lauren Fleshman’s coach put it very well: Welcome to the F-ing 5k, Love.

Lauren also has a question for you.
And also tips on jet lag.

Why I believe in Fartlek, by Percy Cerutty. Ryan and I did a nice little 5mile fartlek on the road to his farm last night. I sure felt like an animal. It did indeed feel a bit like play.

Martinson is still in Italy, where the beaches are nice, but the racing seems somewhat sketchy. Why would people want to slow down a race that was designed to go fast, pace-makers and everything?

How do you know when running is your life? Well, if you are reading this blog it may be… but here’s a list.

Adam Campbell Knee Knacker race report. And a little bit of Divine Discontent. An apt phrase indeed.

Steve Osiaduk is getting some good training in with his ipod shuffle.

Vitamin D supplementation: some documentation.

Lucy Smith is training on vacation.

Proprioception. A primer.