Start List/Liste de Départ: En Chest

Because there was no other way to run today.

Amélie Kretz rocked it in Edmonton. Read about it at Trimes.

The Edmonton Journal is grumpy that Paula Findlay got an MRI.
(via Trimes). Hey, if my dad is a neurosurgeon, and I’m maybe the best triathlete in the world, damn right I’m getting an MRI.

More tri stuff: Canadians win in San Fran.

Reid is leaving the watch at home.

Wykes is into the build-up as well. Grumpy. That’s how it is.

Martinson with a video from Sardinia. Sweet. I’m going there in August! Not to run a 3:3x 1500 though…

Jeremy Walsh is gearing up for AOs in Ottawa.

A nice little review of a chapter of Noakes’ Lore of Running. This is a good series.