Start List/Liste de Départ: Fortune and Men’s Thighs

The New York Marathon was blazing fast yesterday. Sweatscience asks, why?

Lauren Fleshmen ran a solid 2:37 in her debut there. I’m thinking she will be one to watch at the Olympics next year in her regular event, the 5000m. Here’s her pre-race post.

CIS XC championships are in one week. Here.

La fin-de-semaine prochaine sera aussi les championnats Canadien Collégiale. Ben Raymond se prépare.

Running is simple. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

Geoff Martinson would even say it’s hard.

New fundamentalism? The point of this post, in case it’s too obscure, is that running is simple, there’s no “new thing” that’s gonna change the fact that putting in the miles is the one, long road to the top.

Your body is your slave. But you have to have specific goals, or tasks for it to accomplish, otherwise, it’s useless.

Kelsall shares more tales of recovery. He’s making progress, able to run away from his wife.

Jeremy Walsh’s xc season is over. So it’s time for some apps and zerts. Treat Yo Self!

Joel Massol rocked a pretty sweet French trail race. Beauty pics.

Remember Chris MacDougall? The Born to Run guy (not this one, the other one)? Sweatscience runs a little fact check on his barefoot promotion.

Daniel Riou ranks his top ten running blogs. We are ranked as the 5th best Anglophone blog! That’s really exciting and kind, but…on essaye quand même d’être au moins bilingue. Faut essayer plus fort, alors! Merci Daniel! Pour ce qui y est des blogues Francophones, on vois trois dont on est famillier. Deux autres, (Francois Drouin qui semble être un version français du blog Run to Live, que nous lisons régulièrement, et Fred Brossard un Français qui blogue à propos des souliers de course) on va ajouter à notre Lecteur Google maintenant!

In the interest of spreading out, we are always happy to link to new blogs. We sometimes feature Ottawa native Ian Donald’s blog, as he works on his tri-sport activities in Guelph. His brother, Scott, is still rocking the high school scene back home. He finished in the top ten at the world championships of Ontario, OFSSA XC.

Another new blog (well, new to us) is Tristan Woodfine’s triathlete blog. Check out his report from World Championships.