Start List/Liste de Départ: Foxy Frog

Foxy Frog is a workout we stole from Guelph. Well, stole in as much as you can steal a workout; I didn’t steal it the way Moulton steals golf carts…but that’s another story. Ryan Noel-Hodge explains a bit what the workout is at the end of this video, which more importantly features an exciting “last to go” race in Quebec City last weekend. Credit to naming the workout goes to Dr. Michaela McClure I believe.

Patrice Hamelin did not participate in the last to go. But he’s ready for cross on the weekend.

Alizee Brien se fait trimer. That means they interviewed her.

Two weeks until the big show. Reid Coolsaet is watching people talk about him on tv.

Derek Nakluski will be running Detroit the same day. He tuned up with a 10k road race.

Kevin Rooke is living a simple life up in Alaska. The good life, really.
“In the span of no more than 6 weeks, I have completely altered my views on what it means to be doing serious training, and I’m certain my views will continue to change throughout my university years as I learn to adapt to the added workload.” Wise words from such a young man.

“Live your own life.” Or how about “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” More wise words.

Sweat Science looks at the dark side,
or why you shouldn’t always look only at what you can see. Also, beets. And, is better faster, or is faster better?

Jeremy Walsh is running some roads this fall.

More surgery news from Kelsall. Always entertaining.

Marilyn Arsenault is back! 35:34 solo, paced time trial for 10k. Wow.

If there ever was a super-mom (and I know that women don’t like that pressure, or that too many put that pressure on themselves) it’s Amy Golumbia. Check out the day she had with her kids. Her daughter says: “Mom thanks for not letting me give up. Sometimes you have to scare yourself to get better right?” Wow.

Geoff Martinson is inspiring young runners, and is ready to start training for London.

Adam Campbell rolls through another awesome run.

Here’s a CIS XC preview you may not have read yet.

Here’s a nice little article written by Alex Genest, where he talks about the importance of mental preparation.
It’s a bit old, but we haven’t had a chance to feature anything from the new Quebec Athletics Federation online magazine, so I thought I would put it up.